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What is the admission process? View below at our 4-step admission process. It starts with a simple online form – then we schedule a visit for you to see our facility. We’re excited to get you and your child started at our Academy!

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After your tour of our academy, you are welcome to complete your application in person then. Or you can take an application home and bring it back. The application can also be found online, where you can print it off and bring into the academy with you.

Open Houses
We will host a number of Open Houses for an opportunity to learn more about our academy.
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Frequently asked questions

At Frontier International Academy, we’re driven by providing the family as a whole with information. If you still have unanswered questions please view our Frequently Asked Questions section below. If your questions still haven’t been answered we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us directly. 

What is Frontier Academy?

Frontier International Academy is charter public high school, authorized by Bay Mills Community College. Our teachers are all highly qualified certified teachers through the Michigan Department of Education. 

How do I apply to Frontier Academy?

Applications can be downloaded from our website, or picked up from our center at 13200 Conant St. Detroit, MI 48212 United States United States. Applications must be returned with a copy of students, social security card, Michigan shot records, birth certificate, transcript, and discipline report.

What if I am an English Language Learner?

The Academy seeks to provide every child, regardless of national origin or native language, quality, and meaningful educational instruction. Each students is evaluated on his/her English language proficiency. Consequently, students who are English Language Learners (ELLs) are provided instructional services through ELL programs which are designed to meet each students unique needs.

What age do I have to have to complete the program?

Students have until the age of 21 to have all course work complete in order to graduate with their high school diploma.

Are there any fees?

Frontier International Academy is a tuition-free public high school. 

How will you prepare my child for college?

High school students have access to counselors that support them when it comes to preparing for college. This includes resources for scholarships, financial aid, campus tours, enrollment applications and more.

Every year, we invite advisors from all over the State of Michigan’s universities and colleges to visit our Academy and recruit students.

Does my child need materials such as textbooks, supplies or special programs?

All textbooks and supplemental material is provided to students once enrolled. Frontier International Academy has made arrangements with software and major publishers to ensure all our students have legal access to the resources necessary to complete their work at school and home. Supplies lists are sent home at the beginning of the school year for all grades. Please check with your child’s teacher for more information. If you are unable to afford supplies, please let us know and we will do our best to assist you.

What is the attendance policy?

The law in Michigan governing compulsory student attendance requires a parent, legal guardian, or other person having control or charge of a child age six to sixteen to send the child to school during the entire school year, except under the limited circumstances. Please make sure your child is dropped off to school everyday and on on-time.

Do credits from other schools and programs count toward my diploma? (Equivalency)

Student transcripts are evaluated on a course by course basis. Student credits can be transferred to our institution as long as they meet our graduation requirements. Foreign transcripts must be translated and evaluated before submission to the Academy.

Does Frontier International Academy offer Dual Enrollment?

Students at Frontier International Academy have the opportunity beginning in their freshmen year through senior year to be a dual enrolled student at a local college or university. They will earn credits for both  high school and college, as well as having experience in a college setting prior to being a full-time college student.

What are some exciting learning opportunities for Seniors?

Seniors participate in a mandatory Capstone Project by selecting an area to research and hands-on experience by shadowing a careered professional that offers mentorship and experiential learning.  Students present these projects to their fellow students and staff.

Students also have the opportunity to become involved the The Detroit Economic Club’s Career Readiness Academy is a 7-month program that brings high school and Young Leader (YLs) members together for monthly meetings that aim to teach skills that will help the students effectively navigate their high school journey to find greater success in the working world.

What equipment is required?

Our Academy provides each student with a laptop in school when required.  Equipment is the property of Frontier International Academy and must be returned when required to do so.